Second opinions

The Equitable Bank Reverse Mortgage can help you reimagine or maintain your lifestyle. As with all major financial decisions, it's important that you consult your financial advisor and/or discuss it with your family to get a few opinions first.

Set up a Meeting with a Mortgage Broker

Wondering how changing interest rates and house appreciation will affect you? Have a few questions you'd like to ask? A mortgage broker can help with that. Mortgage professionals can research and recommend a solution for you based on your current situation and long term goals. Contact us.

Preparing Your Documents

  1. Proof you received independent legal advice.
  2. If you have debt secured through your residence, you'll need to provide supporting documents to confirm the details, example: Mortgage Statement.
  3. Verification of your ability to cover property-related expenses such as property taxes, condominium fees and utilities

Get Your Home Appraised

An accredited home appraiser will help determine a fair market value. They will look at the condition of your home, current market trends, as well as other factors.

Protect Your Interests

Obtaining independant legal advice is one of the best ways to protect your interests and give you confidence to enter the agreement.