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2/3 of Canadians leave millions of dollars on the table by hitting auto-renew on their mortgage renewals with their bank. But you? You know better now. In Canada, you have the right to switch mortgage providers at the end of your mortgage term if you have a remaining balance.


Don’t be like 66% of Canadians who don’t consider switching from banks.


Be like the 33% who are switching to alternative lenders and saving big.


With nesto, when you switch, you can save up to $13,210* in interest in the first 5 years.

How to Switch Your Mortgage At Renewal

The best time to start looking is 4 months before your current term ends. Why then? Most lenders will let you renew 90 to 120 days early, without making you pay any prepayment penalties.

If you’re not ready exactly 4 months before your term ends to talk to your lender, it’s worth using this time to review your goals, and collect information about competitive products.

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*Terms and conditions:

*Learn more about nesto’s cashback offer here. Not available for assumptions or porting. Assumes a $430,000 mortgage amount. Cashback rates are specific to a 5 years term with 120 day rate hold.
**Offers cannot be combined. Savings calculation assumes a $450K mortgage amount, 25 year amortization, 5-year fixed cashback rate.
***Data points are from Bloomberg & CMHC
**** 48 hours approval:median conditional approval time at nesto is less than 24 hrs
****Reviews are based on real nesto reviews, names have been changed.
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