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Welcome to your monthly digital mortgage shoppers insights

Each month, nesto will present its “nesto-meter”: an analysis of digital mortgage shoppers based on our exclusive internal data and linked to current events and third-party data for additional insights.

Nesto will present the evolution of the following metrics on a monthly basis:

  • Mortgage rates: volatility and variance
  • Where would you stand if you’d taken a mortgage in January?
  • Purchase vs Renewal vs Refinance trends
  • Purchase price vs down payment amount
  • Purchase timing intent

On top of these updated data points, nesto will present an in-depth analysis each month based on its exclusive data.


Where do I find the numbers and analysis?

You can check this page for new reports or sign up below for updates.

Our first report is available here: August 2020 nesto-meter.

Our second report can be downloaded here: September 2020 nesto-meter.

Our third report can be downloaded here: October 2020 nesto-meter.

Our fourth can be downloaded here: November 2020 nesto-meter.

Our fifth report can be downloaded here: December 2020 nesto-meter.

Our sixth can be downloaded here: February 2021 nesto-meter.

Our seventh report can be downloaded here: March 2021 nesto-meter.

Our eighth report can be downloaded here: April 2021 nesto-meter.

Our ninth report can be downloaded here: May 2021 nesto-meter.

Our tenth report can be downloaded here: June 2021 nesto-meter.

Our latest report can be downloaded here: July 2021 nesto-meter.

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