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Toronto Mortgage Rates

Along with Toronto’s ever-increasing demand for housing, mortgage rates have, inherently, been a topic of discussion over the last few months. This has generated many questions around the topic of mortgage qualification and its process.

In 2018, the Government of Canada introduced higher qualification standards for Canadian home-buyers. In the anticipation of continuous rising rate trends, these standards are used to ensure borrowers are capable of making higher payments on increasing rates.

These higher qualification standards have shifted Toronto-based home-buyers’ interest to private lenders who offer higher rates than many lenders but are willing to take on files that traditionally do not qualify.

About Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest city with a population of over 2,929,886 and a commuter population of 6,346,088 in its surrounding areas. Home to around 230 different nationalities, with 51% of its residents having been born outside of Canada, Toronto is recognized as one of the world’s most diverse metropolitan areas. Paired with an unemployment rate of 6.4% and an average household income of $104,378, Toronto is known to be Canada’s financial business hub.

About the Toronto Housing Market

Following the introduction of the Non-Resident Speculation Tax (NRST) in Toronto in 2017, the housing market experienced a number of changes. Due to the drop in the percentage of foreign home-buyers, an increase in the supply of available homes followed shortly thereafter.

Although the Toronto housing market was confronted almost immediately following the NRST introduction, average home prices increased by 3.5% in 2018 from the previous year despite sales being 15% lower than that of the same period.

While both the changes in standards for obtaining a mortgage and the introduction of the NRST have impacted the housing market, there remains a large population of potential home-buyers in Toronto for the year of 2019.

Toronto Mortgage Brokers

With over 2,000 mortgage products available, and 15,000 licensed mortgage professionals in Ontario alone, it’s certain that home-buyers’ are overwhelmed with options.

Looking to invest in Toronto? Let us help you navigate the Toronto market and provide you with a better understanding of what mortgage rates you have access to. 

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