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Prime Time Mortgage

Get rate cuts before the rate cuts

Time the market with our Prime Time Rate, a variable rate priced as low as a fixed rate* for half of the year.
After that, the choice is yours, penalty-free.

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Where Flexibility Meets Savings

Rates are always fluctuating. At nesto, we provide the flexibility you need during uncertain times. We designed the Prime Time Mortgage for savvy market watchers. This unique product lets you time the market effectively, maximizing your savings potential.

How Prime Time Works

Get short-term stability and long-term flexibility

A 3 or 5-year variable rate priced as low as a fixed rate for the first 6 months. You benefit from a guaranteed discount on your rate while seeing if variable rates drop.

Monthly refund on your mortgage payment

This 6-month rate discount (the difference between the fixed & variable rates) is delivered as a monthly refund via direct deposit.

A low, adjustable rate 
for a changing market

After the 6 month period, you’ll return to the adjustable variable rate. Anticipating a rate drop by the Bank of Canada? With nesto, your rate and payments will automatically adjust, allowing you to benefit from the decrease.

Switch to a fixed rate anytime, penalty-free

Rates don’t drop as much as you expected? Crave stability again? Have peace of mind with the option to convert back to a fixed rate anytime, penalty free!

How low can we go?


In early June, the Bank of Canada cut the policy interest rate down to 4.75%. This was the bank’s first rate cut since March 2020, bringing Canadian homeowners & future buyers some much anticipated relief. It also brought the sidelined variable rate back into the spotlight. A variable rate changes with the prime rate set by the Bank of Canada.

But variable rates are still higher than fixed rates, 
so how low will rates go?

Economists predict several more rate cuts in 2024 for more favourable borrowing conditions by 2025. If you lock in the Prime Time Rate today, you’ll get the benefits of a fixed rate until December and can see how low rates will go before committing to that variable rate.



No matter which team you’re on

1. Team Rates Will Go Down? This rate moves with the market and adjusts accordingly. It’s called Prime Time for a reason.

2. Team Rates Not Low Enough? Prime Time secures you with a 5-year or 3-year variable rate priced as low as a fixed rate for the first 6 months of your loan.

3. Team Not A Variable Fan? Take no risks with the option of switching to a fixed rate at any time, without penalty!


Prime Time in Action

Having helped over 400,000+ Canadians, we understand every situation is unique. Whether you’re one of the 60% of Canadians up for renewal in the next 2 years or you’re looking to enter the market, we’ll find a mortgage strategy that’s best for you. Here’s an example:

The client: Maria & Paul

Issue: Maria & Paul were sidelined from the market for 2 years, patiently waiting for rates to decrease. They found their dream home outside Montreal in early June after the BoC decreased rates. However, they were still hesitant to commit long-term to a variable rate.

Solution: Enter Prime Time. They locked in a five-year variable rate on a $364,000 mortgage. Their monthly payments would have been $2,412, but with the six-month discount, it reduced to $2,192—saving them $220/month.

In December, their Mortgage Advisor, Olivier, will assist them in evaluating whether to continue with a variable rate, balancing the rate environment with their risk tolerance.

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The nesto difference

Low Mortgage
Rate Guarantee

Your low rate upfront, every time. Expert advice. No commission.

meets speed

We provide a streamlined financing experience backed by best-in-class technology.

A company
you can trust

nesto is a pioneer in online lending & has helped 400,000+ Canadians.

Prime Time FAQ

How does Prime Time work?

For the first 6-months of your variable mortgage rate, nesto will refund you, by direct deposit, a portion of your mortgage payment. As a result, you can benefit from having a fixed mortgage payment for 6 months, returning to your variable payment after.

Can I switch to a fixed rate?

Yes, at any time during your term, you can convert to a fixed-rate mortgage, penalty-free.

What are the restrictions?

It’s only available on 3 & 5-year variable loans, for a 6-month period. Clients are limited to one prime-time offer per loan. Other terms & conditions apply.

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*Terms and conditions apply.

nesto reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the Prime Time offer, in whole or in part, and/or modify, amend
or suspend the offer, and/or the terms and conditions in any way, at any time, for any reason without prior notice.

Average monthly refunded was calculated on a $500K mortgage, 5-year variable rate in June 2024. Example savings for Prime Time are meant for visualization purposes. Please speak to a nesto expert to get a precise quote.