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Amenities are things that provide contentment, pleasure, or warmth to a home, hotel, public spaces, etc. In the real estate world, amenities can be public or specific to the property. 

There are also some basic amenities that are designed to live pleasantly, such as electricity and hot water. 

In the real estate market, amenities are features that make a property more attractive to potential buyers and tenants. Amenities can be public or property-specific but location is definitely one of the most important amenities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you pay for all amenities in a home?

Generally, most amenities are included in the home when you purchase it. If you want some extra amenities like new appliances, you’ll likely have to pay for it.

What are amenities in a home?

Amenities in a home can include appliances, space, counters, sinks, yard, neighborhood, etc.