Unlock Your Home's Potential with nesto | Michael & Carmen’s Story

Unlock Your Home's Potential with nesto | Michael & Carmen’s Story

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    A Couple’s Homeownership Dilemma

    How Michael and Carmen Found Themselves Struggling With Their Mortgage

    The issue

    Affordability Challenge

    Michael and Carmen dreamed of a comfortable life in their own home, but as the years went by, their mortgage payments became increasingly burdensome. 

    While the cost of living kept going up, including their variable mortgage payments, their salaries remained the same. 

    They longed for a solution that would make their monthly expenses more manageable.

    Rising Variable Rates Hit Them Hard

    In 2020, Michael and Carmen secured a mortgage with a variable interest rate, hoping it would save them money in the long run. 

    However, as the economy shifted, interest rates began to climb, and their mortgage payments ballooned beyond their means. 

    They wanted to switch from a variable mortgage to a fixed mortgage to provide some monthly stability.  

    Unused Equity in Abundance

    Despite their struggles, Michael and Carmen had unknowingly built up significant value in their home. 

    Nestled within their property was the key to their financial freedom, waiting to be unlocked: Their home equity. 

    With this, they could tap into much-needed cash. 

    All they needed was a guiding hand to show them the way…

    nesto’s Tailored Solution

    The solution

    Expert Mortgage Advisors

    Enter nesto, with a team of dedicated mortgage advisors who specialize in understanding the unique challenges faced by homeowners like Michael and Carmen. They listened attentively to their concerns, providing transparent and personalized advice that would set them on a path towards stability.

    Tapping Into Their Equity

    With our team’s guidance, Michael and Carmen discovered the untapped potential hidden within their home’s equity. They were amazed to learn that they could leverage this equity to make their mortgage affordable once again. The weight that had burdened them for so long began to lift, replaced by a newfound sense of hope.

    Lower Mortgage Rates

    We went above and beyond to secure a mortgage rate lower than what their bank had offered. We were able to offer Michael and Carmen our low rate guarantee and ensure that they not only regained control of their finances but also saved money in the process.

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