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Where Should I Live When I Move to Halifax?

Where Should I Live When I Move to Halifax?


Key Highlights

  • Halifax offers a variety of activities and things to see and do
  • Some areas, like Clayton Park, are family-friendly
  • It is easy to create a new life for an entrepreneur, a student or a single person

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Best Neighborhoods to Live In Halifax

Moving is always a big decision. So many questions come to mind. Where should I go? Where is the best place to live? How about moving to Halifax in Nova Scotia? Is Halifax a good place to live? In this article, we will take a look at the best places to live in Nova Scotia, mainly in Halifax and its surrounding neighbourhood.

Downtown Halifax

Living in downtown Halifax means you will have plenty of possibilities. Possibilities of what? Of visiting and doing things! Mostly, you can go for food. Food scene is on point. Do you like to eat local? Go enjoy a Halifax donair! Do You Like culture? Go visit one of the art galleries and many museums such as The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. How about finishing your day of your new life in Halifax with a festival at the waterfront? Downtown Halifax is full of activities and things to do. 

Popular neighbourhood for great food and cultural activities.

Median home price: $356,972
Median household income: $80,863
Cost of living is 9% lower than national average.


Bedford, Bedford, Bedford… What to start with to describe this neighbourhood? It is well known to be family friendly.  When it was created, it was at first a fort named Sackville. The name was changed when the railway got built. In this area, there is lots of nature trails, waterfront parks and great schools for your children. It is easy to get to Dartmouth and Halifax from there. One thing not to forget about Bedford is DeWolf Park Boardwalk. The best place to walk the dog, take a look at the Bedford Basin view or to enjoy it as a family expedition!

Popular neighbourhood for being family friendly.

Median home price: $403,625
Median household income: $52,393
Cost of living is 18% higher than national average


Now, let’s talk about Westmount, a community located in Cape Breton. This neighbourhood is well known for the Petersfield Provincial Park. This park was once a private property in the 18th century. It is now considered as a historical property and you can discover the ruins of a large manor house and caretakers’ home. If you are a fan of sailing, The Dobson Yatch Club might be the best place for you to hang out and make new friends. You will definitely feel like home fast in this town where everyone knows everyone!

Popular neighbourhood for numerous activities for children and children’s entertainment.

Median home price: $620,467
Median household income: $102,762
Cost of living is 1% higher than national average

North End

North End is a great place for students. The area is filled with coffee shops and vintage stores. Also, take a look at Gottingen Street, home of many entertainment venues such as clubs and bars. To that, who doesn’t like a cozy night in a cinema? You’ll be served. There are 2 of them. Another thing that makes North End one of the best place to live in Nova Scotia is the Hydrostone Market, where you can shop local handmade fine art right before enjoying gourmet pizza for exemple.

Popular neighbourhood for the student life.

Median home price: $384,041
Median household income: $63,264
Cost of living is 8% lower than national average

South End

Two universities are located in South End: Dalhousie University and Saint Mary’s University. This neighbourhood is a mix of farmlands and mixed forests, close to the city. This creates a perfect environment for a large estate to be built. For students, public transport is easy to access. This area will charm you from being accessible and by its Victorian-style houses!

Popular neighbourhood for easy access to public transport and the two universities.

Median home price: $815,140
Median household income: $56,541
Cost of living is 18% higher than national average

West End

West End is a quiet place. There are restaurants and shops for you to buy what you need. Hockey and baseball diamonds are a big part of this area since people are into it and play those sports. Another plus side to keep in mind about West End is: the cost of living is lower than the other neighbourhoods. It’s great to save a little bit more money. 

Popular neighbourhood for quiet streets and green spaces.

Median home price: $513,801
Median household income: $71,110
Cost of living is 3% lower than national average

Clayton Park

Clayton Park is a great area for families to connect with people. The area is a beautiful mix and match of trails surrounded by forests, parks and the water. You will be happy to have your morning walk at Belchers Marsh Park where ducks and deers will reveal themself. If you like sports, you will be happy to read that the Northcliffe Centre is nearby. This centre offers baseball courts, tennis courts and a pool. Many other amenities are also available for the population. To top that family-friend neighbourhood, the Halifax West High School is part of it and will provide a proper education nearby. 

Popular neighbourhood for its population mainly made up of families.

Median home price: $305,184
Median household income: $63,707
Cost of living is 11% lower than national average

Downtown Dartmouth

Are you someone that likes fine dining or good pizza? Downtown Dartmouth is the place to live! At first, it was not fully considered to live in, but over the last few years it grew and is now full of self-owned businesses established such as Bodega Boutique. As a business person, Downtown Dartmouth might be your chance to start a new project! Last thing to know : this urban centre is a lot cheaper compared to downtown Halifax.  

Popular neighbourhood for singles and young professionals.

Median home price: $392,615
Median household income: $67,257
Cost of living is 8% lower than national average


Are you a physical hard worker? Sackville will be the place for you to move! It is known as the blue collared community. Located only 35 minutes away from the city, Sackville will charm you with its outside of town lifestyle. Even though it is outside, there are still several grocery stores and an indoor sports stadium. With its cost of living being 13% lower, it is worth the move!

Popular neighbourhood for its blue collar community.

Median home price: $261,841
Median household income: $86,537
Cost of living is 13% lower than national average

Frequently Asked Questions

As a potentially new resident of Halifax, you may have many questions in mind. Here are some of the answers to help you decide where you will move.

What is the safest Neighbourhood in Halifax?

In 2022, Beaufort Avenue South is the safest neighbourhood in Halifax.

What is the best part of Halifax to live in?

There are many neighbourhoods in Halifax worth living in! We recommend reviewing our list above and exploring the city to find the best option for you.

How much do you need to live comfortably in Halifax?

The average salary in Halifax is around $46,000.

Final Thoughts

In the end, moving to Nova Scotia is a great idea and there are many spots to live that you will enjoy! From one neighbourhood to another, you’ll be able to find what suits you the best. What are you waiting for to call us to help you make the move?

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