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Homeowners’ Association

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A Homeowners Association (HOA) is an organization that makes and enforces rules for all properties and its residents in the HOA area. If you buy a house, you are automatically a member of the HOA. You need to pay them money, which they call membership fees. Some HOAs can be very strict about what people can do with their property, like building new things or removing things from their property.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a homeowner’s association?

The HOA provides rules and guidelines for its members. These rules are for keeping the community’s property values high. HOAs make sure properties are clean and in good condition. They also make sure your house is repaired if needed. Usually the guidelines for HOAs are to make all houses in the area look the same to ensure a uniform appearance. HOAs also often provide amenities such as pools, parking lots, tennis courts, etc.

Can HOA tell you what to do inside your house?

Depending on the HOA, they might require you to seek permission from them if you want to do some interior renovations such as electrical changes for example. An HOA might also have the right to enter your unit to inspect for a violation of the rules. Usually, they can only do this if they have good reason to believe that you are breaking one of the rules.