Manitoba Land Transfer Tax Calculator

Land transfer tax (LTT) is one of the largest fees associated with the closing of your home and is often overlooked when calculating your total purchase amount. LTT is paid by homebuyers to the province when the ownership of the home or property is transferred from the seller to the buyer. 

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Manitoba land transfer tax rates and rebates 

Land transfer tax rates in Manitoba are calculated based on the fair market value of your property (see chart below for details).

Manitoba doesn’t offer first-time home buyers a land transfer tax rebate as is the case in many provinces. 

Property Value

Tax Rate

On the first $30,000


On the next $60,000 (ie, $30,001-$90,000)


On the next $60,000 (ie, $90,001-$150,000)


On the next $50,000 (ie, $150,001-$200,000)


On amounts in excess of $200,000


Exemptions from land transfer tax in Manitoba

There are a few circumstances where land transfer tax doesn’t have to be paid in Manitoba, including when:

  • The transfer is farmland bought by a farmer or family farm corporation and the land will continue to serve farming purposes
  • The transferee is a registered charity
  • The transfer is made to benefit an Indian band under the Indian Act
  • The transfer is made to shareholders of a dissolved corporation
  • The transfer is made to a spouse for non-commercial property

There may be a few other cases that are subject to exemptions. Details can be found by contacting the Land Title Office.

Land transfer tax rates in Winnipeg

Land transfer tax rates across Manitoba are calculated based on the fair market value of your property as outlined in the chart above.

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