Sustainable Home Improvements You Can Make In 2024

Sustainable Home Improvements You Can Make In 2024
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| Apr 19, 2024
Reviewed, Apr 19, 2024

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    As the world moves towards a greener future, sustainable home improvements are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reduce our environmental impact. 

    In 2024, there are a variety of sustainable home improvements that can be made to help conserve energy and resources. From installing efficient appliances to making insulation upgrades, there are many simple ways to improve the sustainability of your home.

    With these tips, you can make significant improvements to your home’s energy efficiency without breaking the bank.

    Key Highlights

    • Living green can save you money thanks to the Canada Greener Homes Initiative. 
    • Buildings in Canada contribute up to 17% of greenhouse gas emissions, so being mindful of your energy use is a great way to make an impact on the environment.
    • Most ways to make your home sustainable are simple and low cost. 

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    Why Upgrade Your Home with Eco-Friendly Improvements?

    There are many reasons to consider upgrading your home with eco-friendly improvements. Not only can sustainable home improvements help reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet, but they can also save you money on energy bills in the long run.

    Plus, many eco-friendly products and materials are now widely available and affordable, making it easier than ever to make your home more sustainable.

    What is the Canada Greener Homes Initiative?

    The Canadian government has launched the Canada Greener Homes Grant program. Its aim is to encourage homeowners to make energy-efficient upgrades to their homes. Eligible homeowners can receive financial incentives to undertake home improvements that can reduce their energy consumption, lower their utility bills, and reduce their carbon footprint.

    Key Facts About Home Sustainability

    Did you know that buildings in Canada contribute to 17% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions? This includes emissions from electricity that buildings use, generated mainly from the use of fossil fuels to heat and cool our homes and workplaces. The electricity used in buildings accounts for 40% of emissions from electricity generation, creating a significant impact on the environment. However, promoting energy efficiency measures can not only help reduce emissions but also create up to 100,000 new jobs by 2030. 

    For example, switching to ENERGY STAR certified appliances, such as dryers and washers, can make a considerable difference in energy savings, with certified dryers using 20% less energy on average. An ENERGY STAR certified home can also save approximately 17 gigajoules of energy per year, equivalent to running a refrigerator for 10 years or toasting 51,000 bagels. Promoting energy efficiency measures is the way to go for a more sustainable and green Canada.

    How to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

    1. Switch to LED Light Bulbs: 

    LED light bulbs are energy efficient and can last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. They consume up to 75% less energy and generate less heat, resulting in lower electricity bills.

    2. Upgrade Your Windows & Doors:

    Using energy efficient windows and doors with high insulation values can help minimize the amount of energy your home needs to heat and cool. These may require an initial investment, but they will pay off over time in reduced energy bills.

    3. Improve Your Insulation:

    Insulation in walls, ceilings and floors can help reduce the amount of energy your home needs to heat and cool. You may also want to consider installing a weather stripping kit to reduce air leakage.

    4. Install Energy Efficient Appliances:

    Replacing older, less efficient appliances with newer models will save you money in the long run, as they use less energy to run. You’ll also want to look for Energy Star certified products, which are more efficient than standard models. 

    5. Utilize Programmable Thermostats:

    Having a programmable thermostat in your home can help you save money on heating and cooling costs by only using the necessary amount of energy when needed. 

    6. Repaint with Eco-Friendly Products:

    Using eco-friendly paint products, such as low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints, will help reduce the amount of air pollution created by your home. This can also save you money in the long run as these products require fewer coats and less frequent repainting.

    7. Install a Tankless Water Heater:

    A tankless water heater can help you save energy and money by only heating the water when it is needed. This is especially beneficial for areas with higher utility rates, saving you money in the long run. Additionally, tankless water heaters do not take up as much space as traditional models, making them a great option for small homes.

    8. Buy an ENERGY STAR Certified Clothes Dryer & Washer:

    ENERGY STAR certified clothes dryers and washers use less energy than traditional models. This can help you reduce your energy bills as well as do your part in reducing the amount of energy used throughout the home. Additionally, these appliances are more efficient, helping to reduce wear and tear on your clothing.

    Current Tax Breaks for Home Energy Improvements

    There are many tax breaks available for living greener. Each province  has their own regulations on this. To help you, here are some helpful links:




    British Columbia

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Welcome to our Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) section, where we answer the most popular questions designed and crafted by our in-house mortgage experts to help you make informed mortgage financing decisions.

    Do eco-friendly homes sell better?

    Yes, eco-friendly homes typically sell better on the market due to their energy efficiency and sustainability features. Home buyers are increasingly looking for features such as solar panels, low-flow fixtures, and Energy Star appliances when shopping for a home. Additionally, eco-friendly homes tend to have lower utility costs, making them more attractive to potential buyers.

    How can I make my home more sustainable?

    To make your home more sustainable, consider installing energy-efficient lighting fixtures, low-flow toilets and showerheads, adding insulation to walls and attics, choosing natural materials for flooring and countertops, using recycled materials for building projects whenever possible, and introducing plants to the interior space for better air quality.

    What is sustainable remodeling?

    Sustainable remodeling is a type of home renovation that emphasizes the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes while minimizing the environmental impact of the remodel. It also involves making energy-efficient upgrades to existing structures, such as installing insulation, high-efficiency windows and appliances, or utilizing passive solar design principles.

    Final Thoughts on Sustainable Home Improvements:

    Sustainable remodeling is an important approach to home improvements that can have a positive effect on both the environment and your wallet (thanks to tax breaks!). 

    By taking the time to consider the consequences of one’s actions, it is possible to make smart choices when updating or renovating a home – whether for aesthetic purposes or energy efficiency. 

    It is not only great for reducing energy consumption and waste, but it can also help you save money in the long run. Taking the time to research sustainable solutions for home improvement projects is a great way to ensure that your renovations are as eco-friendly as possible. 

    Ultimately, sustainability should be an integral part of any remodeling project.

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