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The Top 6 Trendiest Neighbourhoods in Calgary

The Top 6 Trendiest Neighbourhoods in Calgary
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  • tvine
| Dec 8, 2022
Reviewed, Jun 5, 2023

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    Planning to move to Calgary? You’ve made a very good choice because it’s one of Canada’s best cities for a young family to set up shop. 

    As a well-maintained and picturesque city with plenty to see and do, Calgary is a welcoming community with big-city vibes and small-town charm. When it comes to lifestyle, many Calgary neighbourhoods offer a perfect blend of outdoor activities and a relatively affordable cost of living. 

    But before you make your move to one of Canada’s largest cities in the Prairies, make sure to check out our list of some of the best Calgary neighbourhoods to live in!

    Key Highlights

    • Calgary has a healthy real estate market with no provincial sales tax, making it a very attractive proposition for home buyers and sellers.
    • The best neighbourhoods in Calgary are safe, diverse, and have plenty of excellent amenities for everyone.
    • Our ranking of Calgary’s top 6 trendiest neighbourhoods looks at the best things to do, the median home price and the average cost to rent an apartment. 

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    Is Calgary a Good Place to Live?

    What makes a city a good place to live all depends on what you’re looking for. What’s great about Calgary is if you want to be close to parks and schools or if you’re all about the hustle of the downtown core, the city has it all. 

    In Calgary, it’s simple to find a cool spot to live since each neighbourhood has a variety of amenities for its people. Some of Calgary’s best neighbourhoods have a healthy real estate market with a reasonable average price to buy a home or rent an apartment. 

    Among the benefits of the city are safe residential neighbourhoods, lots of things to do both in the city and in nature, and what might be attractive to some – no provincial sales tax

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    Top 6 Calgary Neighbourhoods In 2022-2023

    Crescent Heights

    Crescent Heights is frequently ranked among the best communities in Calgary with proximity to the city’s famous Chinatown and commercial district.

    Best things to do: Bow River Pathway, Crescent Heights Hill, Rotary Park

    Median home price: $683,484

    The average price to rent: $1,099 per month (1 bedroom apartment)


    Brentwood is consistently ranked as one of the best areas to live in Calgary due to its unparalleled charm. It’s also one of the safest neighbourhoods in Calgary, so it’s perfect for families.

    Best things to do: Nose Hill Park, University of Calgary, Brentwood Village Shopping Center

    Median home price: $432,624

    The average price to rent: $1,349 per month (2 bedroom)


    Downtown obviously is the busiest and most action-packed Calgary neighbourhood, where the city’s best restaurants, bars, and concert venues call home.

    Best things to do: St. Patrick’s Island, The National Music Center, Calgary Tower

    Median home price: $683,484

    The average price to rent: $1,625 per month (1 bedroom)


    Right below Downtown sits Calgary’s Beltline, one of the best communities in Calgary. It’s a young and hip spot to go, with plenty of rental and condo property. 

    Best things to do: Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary Stampede, Cowboy’s Casino

    Median home price: $430,470

    The average price to rent: $1,681 (1 bedroom)


    Edgemont is definitely for people who love nature. This Calgary neighbourhood borders Nose Hill Park, one of the country’s largest urban parks. 

    Best things to do: Nose Hill Park, John Laurie Park

    Median home price: $852,600

    The average price to rent: $1,680 (1 bedroom)

    Arbour Lake

    Arbour Lake is definitely one of the safest neighbourhoods in Calgary. It’s highly residential, making it perfect for families of all sizes to settle in.

    Best things to do: Crowfoot Park, Crowfoot Crossing

    Median home price: $623,545

    The average price to rent: $1,680 (1 bedroom)


    What is the wealthiest neighbourhood in Calgary?

    Altadore is considered the wealthiest neighbourhood in Calgary according to a RE/MAX report. Home prices can range from $800,000 to the millions.

    What’s the safest Neighbourhood in Calgary?

    Edgemont is considered one of the safest neighbourhoods in Calgary based on very low crime rates.

    Which part of Calgary is best for a family?

    Brentwood and Arbour Lake are considered some of the best places to settle down as a family according to their proximity to schools, residential zones, and access to amenities. 

    Final Thoughts

    The best Calgary neighbourhoods to live in all depend on what you’re looking for out of your experiences.

    If you’re a student whose main priority is proximity to shops, restaurants, bars, and public transit, you’d be wise to look for rental opportunities in trendy neighbourhoods like the Beltline and Cresent Heights. On the other hand, families with children who are looking to settle down into more quiet surroundings would do well in areas like Edgemont and Arbour Park. 

    Whatever you’re looking for, Calgary is sure to have it! 

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