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Who is a Reverse Mortgage REALLY for?

C’est simple, nous avons la force du nombre. Pensez Costco : notre volume d’emprunt hypothécaire annuel est assez élevé pour pouvoir négocier des taux préférentiels à nos partenaires d’emprunt. Cette économie revient directement dans vos poches.

Tous les avantages de magasiner sans faire de visites de succursales, de réunions avec des spécialistes en hypothèques, de télécopies, de documents, etc. Nous nous en occupons. Notre processus d’application numérique prend quelques minutes et peut être effectué où que vous soyez. Bref, la simplicité du processus nous permet d’être efficace et rentable autant pour vous que pour nous!

Vous avez bien lu. Nos conseillers sont salariés et ne reçoivent aucune commission. Nous sommes là pour vous aider à trouver le meilleur produit hypothécaire possible, sans aucun autre incitatif que votre satisfaction.

Main differences between a Reverse Mortgage and Regular Mortgage

  • No mortgage payments required vs amortized repayment schedule
  • Easy to qualify for vs often difficult to qualify for

What is a reverse mortgage: 
a simple explanation

  • It's a mortgage designed for seniors that enables access to the equity in their home.
  • They can receive the money all at once, or slowly over time. 
  • The money borrowed can be, but doesn't need to be repaid until the owner no longer lives in the property.

Reverse mortgages are a common alternative to

  • Selling your home
  • Applying for high-interest loans
  • Traditional Mortgages or Secured Lines of Credit with repayment schedules

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looking at their home as a supplementary source of income:

there are often three possible routes

  • Selling the house outright and freeing up capital: You may incur real estate and legals fees equal to approximately 4-7% of the sale price
  • A regular mortgage or secured a line of credit, also known as a home equity line of credit(HELOC): Requires qualifiable income and near-perfect credit history
  • The third option is a reverse mortgage: Minimal or no income requirements

wanting to buy a home or refinance with unqualifiable or limited income:

  • Many retired Canadians have limited pension income which may not be enough to qualify for a refinance or equity take out
  • Whether to downsize, upsize or simply move, a reverse mortgage could help if you have a sizeable down payment or existing equity

going through lifestyle adjustments:

  • It’s not easy to change your lifestyle in unison with your income. A common use of the reverse mortgage is to maintain or enhance certain lifestyle customs that might be just out of a reach with limited income
  • Sometimes taking care of ourselves can expensive. Proceeds from a reverse mortgage can go towards specialized services, even medical expenses.

For those aged 55 or older and ...

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Is nesto free?

Yes, nesto is absolutely free. Our revenue comes from our lending partners. They pay nesto as we help them acquire customers that they would not have been able to capture otherwise...

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Yes, we are. For each province in which we operate,  nesto is licensed by the provincial regulatory body. Also, nesto’s mortgage Advisors are all licensed professionals...

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