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Welcome To Your Monthly Digital Mortgage Insights

Each month, nesto releases its “nesto-meter” which is an analysis of digital mortgage shoppers based on our exclusive internal data and linked to current events and third-party data for additional insights.

The nesto-meter presents an in-depth analysis each month based on our own exclusive data surrounding these key metrics:

  • Purchase vs. Renewal vs. Refinance Breakdown: exclusive data on the portion of purchase vs. renewal vs. refinance applications among nesto’s clients
  • Purchase Timing Intent: a comparison between the portion of users who are ready to purchase property vs. those who are waiting on the sidelines.
  • Purchase Price & Down Payment Data: a breakdown between the median purchase price and the size of median down payments of properties bought within each month.
  • Regional Trends: detailed overviews of market trends in Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta.

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